John Deere 8235R

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The John Deere 8235R tractor is the smallest in the 8R range from JD. It is powered by a PowerTech PSX engine that JD build themselves. This engine has a displacement of 9 liters and liquid cooled by a system that requires 41 liters of coolant to fully fill it. The 6 cylinder diesel engine uses a dual stage air cleaner to purify the air intake before it enters the combustion chamber and mixes with the diesel. The engine can optionally be preheated with an engine block heater. The engine fires are a compression ratio of 16-to-1. The engine has a maximum power output of 235 hp.

Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels via a choice of 2 different transmission systems. The first is a PowerShift transmission that gives the John Deere 8235R 16 gears when traveling forwards and 4 for reversing. The other less intensive transmission is an infinitely variable transmission that gives the JD 8235R infinite gears when traveling forwards and in reverse too. The fuel tank for this tractor can hold up to 694.9 liters (183.6 US gallons) of diesel. The engine is a started by two, 12 volt batteries that provide 925 cold cranking amps. These batteries are recharged by a 200 amp alternator once the engine is ticking over.

The John Deere 8235R has a choice of either a 3/3N or a 4N/4 rear hitch. The maximum safe lifting capacity of the hitch comes in at 8300 kg (18,300 lbs) for the 4N/4 hitch, while the 3/3N hitch has a safe lifting capacity of 7847 kg (17,300 lbs). This tractor is able to able to accommodate and use a John Deere 843 front end loader. If you like the JD 8235R but would prefer something with a little more power, then there are other options in the same 8R class. Try the John Deere 8260R and the John Deere 8285R tractors.

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