John Deere 7530

The John Deere 7530 is a very robust farming tractor. It is considered to be the superior version of John Deere 7520. It has got all the qualities which a high standard farming tractor should ideally possess. But then again, John Deere is known for its efficiency and good track record.

The John Deere 7530 began production in 2007 and has been going on since then. The production is currently taking place in Germany as well as United States of America. Although the production of this tractor began in the US in 2007, it was not available for purchase until 2009.

The John Deere 7530 has a 6 cylinder engine pumping out 152 HP. The model number of the engine is 6068. The engine has been designed by John Deere. The PTO claimed figure too is 152 HP. The engine runs on diesel. It has got a liquid cooling system and a dual paper element air cleaner. The engine has a turbocharged aspiration. It has got a valve flow of 29gpm.

The JD 7530 has a PowrQuad Plus transmission and falls under the partial power shift type. It has 16 gears going forward along with same number of reverse gears. The gearbox is divided into six ranges.

The John Deere 7530 is also available with AutoQuad Plus transmission. This version has 24 front and reverse gears. Each range consists of four gears, making a total of six ranges.

The shipping weight of the JD 7530 is 14,600 lbs. This model has an impressive wheelbase which measures at over 105 inches. This wide and reliable wheelbase enhances the safety aspect of this tractor.

The John Deere 7530 has an excellent Air Conditioning system. It has a steering wheel which can be operated with hydraulic power assist. Such an efficient steering wheel enhances the user friendly aspect of the tractor. The model is equipped with hydraulic wet disc brakes.

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One Review of the “John Deere 7530”

  1. dermot says:

    night mare

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: every thing you could think of bought 3 7530 in 2008. the worst machines i ever bought .there is no end to there trouble

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