John Deere 6630

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The John Deere 6630 falls under the farming tractor category. It has been designed by John Deere in a manner by which it would appeal a wider range of customers. This model is especially aimed at attracting more number of livestock farmers who essentially look for reliable tractors.

The John Deere 6630 has a Turbocharged engine. It is equipped with a high pressure fuel injection system. The engine has the ability to deliver a power burst of five percent if required. Apart from this, it also delivers 20 percent power on a constant basis.

The JD 6630 is available with loads of choice when it comes to transmission: PowrQuad Plus 16/16, Power Reverser 16/16, PowrQuad Plus 24/24 and PowrQuad Plus 20/20 are some of the transmission choices available to the customer. One of the highlights of all these models is the fact that they are equipped with a left hand reverser which can be operated electrically making driving and operating this beast a breeze.

In order to improve the operator comfort level, many changes have been made to the John Deere 6630 when compared to the other versions of the same series. One of the major changes is the reduction in noise level. It has been reduced drastically to 71dB(A). There has also been tremendous improvement in the rear visibility. The cruise control in this model is standard as in most other John Deere tractors and the heater has been relocated under the seat. Other versions in the same series have the heater located on the cab roof which was often bit of a discomfort. The relocation has meant that the operator would enjoy a better visibility and would not face any kind of problem while using the front loader.

Additional Features

The John Deere 6630 has got a PTO control which works on remote. The fuel tank has been modified and it can store upto 250 liters of fuel. The lifting capacity of the tractor is also on the higher side and ranges anywhere between 4-6 tons. The JD 6630 is also equipped with an oil cap and fuel cap. The model also has a protection kit. It includes a lockable bonnet and AutoTrac Universal steering and Parallel Tracking steering systems. The model also consists of a high standard loader.

The John Deere 6630 is truly one of the most efficient farming tractors in it’s class.

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