John Deere 6330

The John Deere 6330 utility tractor is constructed at the JD plant which is located in Mannheim which is in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The other 2 models in the 6000 series that are built in Mannheim are the John Deere 6230 and the John Deere 6430. The JD 6330 is available with 3 different chassis configurations. The first is a 2WD model while the others are a MFWD model or 4WD model. As this is a big utility tractor, it comes with a number of obvious extras that enhance steering and control. These are power steering and hydraulic wet disk brakes.

The shipping weight of the 2WD model comes in at 3490 kg (7695 lbs) while during operation when it’s fueled up, etc. it tips the scales at 4305 kg (9491 lbs). The weight of the machine will vary massively due to ballast that can be attached to the wheels as well as the front and back of the machine. One of the really cool features of the JD 6330 is Engine FieldCruise technology. This allow the operator to manually set the engine RPM. The technology also compensates for any outside factors such as changing engine loads while keeping the RPM the same.

The John Deere 6330 comes with a category 2 or 3 hitch. This has a maximum lifting capacity 2018 kg (4450 lbs).  The fuel tank that this utility tractor comes with holds 165 liters (43.6 US gallons) as standard, but there is also the option of getting a larger one, capable of holding 181.7 liters (48 US gallons). There is also a ‘premium’ model of the JD 6330. This comes with a more luxurious and improved cab as well other improved aspects. If you are the owner of a 6330 (regular or premium model) then please leave a review of it below. When filling out the fields, try to include as much detail as possible to let potential purchasers get an idea of what they should expect from it.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 6330”

  1. RA STRONG says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Cons: LIKES FUEL
    Attachments: GREAT
    Modifications: MUCH IMPROVED OVER THE 6400

  2. Matt gARTON says:

    very very good

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Very nice machine,the three different power shift button position make operator comfort very pleasing.
    Cons: Uses a bit more fuel than we hoped.
    Attachments: 673 loader

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