John Deere 630

The John Deere 630 is a vintage tractor. It was manufactured at 2 assembly plants; the Waterloo factory in Iowa and the Monterrey factory in Mexico from 1958 up until 1960. As well as the John Deere 630S (‘Standard’ version), there was also a 630R (‘row crop’ version), 630O(‘orchard’ version) and 630H (‘high crop’ version) available. During it’s 2 year production run it managed to ship over 18,000 units. The JD 630 is recognizable from this era due to the fact that it has a large, vertical yellow stripe just behind the grill as well as a wider than usual horizontal yellow stripe in the usual position on the hood.

The John Deere 630 had a choice of 3 different engines. You could get it with a John Deere designed and built 2 cylinder gasoline engine that has a 5 liter displacement and is liquid cooled, requiring up to 26.5 liters of coolant to keep it properly operational. The second choice is a John Deere, all fuel, 2 cylinder, natural aspiration engine that is also 5 liters in size and liquid cooled. The final choice is the LP gas engine designed and built by John Deere that has natural aspiration and is also a 2 cylinder, 5 liter model. The maximum power output from these engines is 48 hp which enabled it to pull up to 4 plows.

The fuel capacity varied depending on the model of engine that was in the John Deere 630. The LP gas engine had the largest fuel tank, with a capacity of 125 liters (33 US gallons). The smallest is the 77.6 liter (20.5 US gallon) all fuel tank. The last fuel tank is the gasoline one which can hold a maximum of 84.2 liters (22.3 US gallons). The JD 630 comes with a category 2, 3 point hitch. It’s wheelbase measures 2.28 m (90 inches). The length of the tractor varies depending on whether it’s a standard, orchard or high crop model. The weight of the 630 was 2657 kg (5858 lbs) when it was being shipped.

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