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There is actually 2 variants of the John Deere 6200 utility tractor. You have the standard machine, but there is also a low profile John Deere 6200L, which is sometimes known as the John Deere 6587. The low profile JD 6200 is often used by gardeners and fruit farmers as the cab or hood is less likely to get caught in low lying branches. This tractor is part of a series that also includes the John Deere 6400 and the John Deere 6300 tractors.

The engine that powers the John Deere 6200 utility tractor is a John Deere CD4039. This engine is a turbocharged diesel model that has a total displacement of 3.9 liters. The engine uses a lubrication system that needs to be filled with 12.1 liters of oil. The max power output from this engine comes to 89 hp. The engine that powers the John Deere 6200L is slightly different. This engine is a JD 4039 that also has a total volume of 3.9 liters. The engine is slightly less powerful, pumping out just 83 hp.

Power from either engine is transferred to the wheels of the John Deere 6200 through a choice of 4 different gearboxes. The first is a JD PowrQuad partial power shift that gives the tractor 16 speeds going forwards as well as in reverse. The second choice is a JD PowrQuad Creeper partial power shift gearbox that gives the JD 6200 28 speeds going forwards and 28 for reversing also. The last choice is a JD SyncoPlus transmission. This gives the tractor 12 gears when traveling forwards and just 4 for reversing. If you have ever operated or even owned either the regular 6200 or the John Deere 6200L, then the Tractor Review community would like to hear from you. You can leave a review below by filling out the form.

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