John Deere 52 Inch Rotary Broom

The John Deere 52 Inch Rotary Broom is a very versatile attachment, that is very like the John Deere 47″ snowblower. This is because it’s compatible with the John Deere X700 series of lawnmowers. Specifically, it’s compatible with the John Deere X700, John Deere X720, John Deere X724, John Deere X728, John Deere X729, John Deere X740, John Deere X744, John Deere X748 and John Deere X749 lawn mowers. Unfortunately it is not compatible with any other JD lawn mower.

The John Deere 52″ Rotary Broom is a fantastic all seasons piece of equipment. It uses John Deere’s patented Quik-Tatch technology so that it can be very quickly and easily attached to one of the John Deere X700 series mowers by pretty much driving into it. However to increase it’s performance, then you should definitely consider using some rear ballast to increase the traction and grip of the wheels. You can easily attach JD’s Quik-Tatch ballast plates that individually weigh in at 19.1 kg (42 lbs) for this very purpose.

What’s great about the John Deere 52 inch rotary boom is that during the winter it can obviously be used to clear low depths of snow from your driveway, but it’s just as useful throughout the rest of the year, from brushing leaves that have fallen during the fall to the just brushing up any type of debris. Overall, this is a very versatile piece of equipment that may not necessarily be very strong at any one particular job, but still remains valuable whenever you need something swept up.

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