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The John Deere 510 tractor is one of those machines that not many people are aware of. The JD 510 had a 2 year run on the production lines from 1966 until 1967. All construction of the tractor took place in the Mannheim facility which is located in Germany. The engine powering the tractor is a John Deere made diesel. This engine is naturally aspirated and has 3 cylinders. The total volume of the engine comes to 2.5 liters. The engine is kept cool through a liquid cooling system. It’s maximum power output is 39.5 hp.

The John Deere 510 is fitted with a standard gearbox which gives it 10 speeds traveling forward and 3 gears when it’s reversing. The JD 510 is built on a 2WD chassis which means that power from the engine is passed through the rear wheels, while the front wheels are solely responsible for steering it. When the tractor originally appeared it came with an open operator station. However many people who bought it added their own cab to protect themselves from the more extreme weather.Others have added their own roll bar (which may not offer adequate protection).

The John Deere 510 was a medium sized machine at the time that it appeared. However nowadays it would be considered to extremely light at 2131 kg (4700 lbs). If you have owned or operated a JD 510 tractor, then you can help out the Tractor Review community by leaving your thoughts on it in a review below. Try to be as objective as possible so that potential purchasers get a good overview of it’s benefits as well as it’s drawbacks when compared to other tractors.

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