John Deere 5093E

The John Deere 5093E is not the most well known utility tractor from JD. It is an all-round machine that is very handy on small farms where there are a large range of tasks that need to be taken care of. Like all JD utility tractors, the JD 5093E is compatible with quite a large range of implements and attachments that range from the obvious (front end loaders, backhoes, etc) to the not so obvious (snow blowers, rotary brooms, etc).

Unlike a lot of JD tractors, the John Deere 5093E is built with a John Deere manufactured engine. This is a diesel PowerTech engine that pumps out 93 hp. The 4 cylinder engine is turbocharged and has a displacement of 4.5 liters. It’s liquid cooled and use a dry type air filter to scrub the air of all particulate matter before it enters the engine. Power reaches the wheels after first passing through a PowrReverser transmission. This PowrReverser transmission offers the JD 5093E 12 speeds going forward and 12 in reverse also. The allows the tractor to reach a top speed of 36 kph (22.4 mph) going forward. The fuel tank supplying diesel to the tractor can hold up to 126.8 liters (33.5 US gallons).

Similar utility tractors to the John Deere 5093E in the 5000 series are the John Deere 5083E and the John Deere 5085M tractors. Unfortunately though these machines are not nearly as powerful. If you plan on using this tractor in very cold areas, then you might be interested in purchasing the cold weather package which includes an engine block heater and air intake preheater. If you own a JD 5093E and would like to let others know about owning one, then please leave a review below. Make sure to mention what you like and dislike about owning it as well as the attachments that you use with it.

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3 Reviews of the “John Deere 5093E”

  1. Rick says:

    Bought a used 2011 in 2013, with 200 hours. Got a great buy, compared to sticker shock at dealership. Over the 4 years using our 5093E on a ranch, we couldn’t be any more pleased

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Overall, tractor is well built, and performs very well. Reliability to this point, has been excellent. It is also easy to maintain yourself, with everything very accessable. We have taken is one time to dealership, to look everything over, and have it serviced, right after we bought it. Dealership service was fantastic!
    Cons: Only irritation is a sticky clutch. Spraying it we a silicone based spray every once in awhile does the trick. Problem with that, is the cab smells like WD40.
    Attachments: Front end loader. Works great.
    Modifications: No modifications

  2. Jeff says:

    Very good experience so far. Controls are well designed and easy to use. The Power Reverser transmission is a time saver. Very impressed with the engine and drivetrain.
    The cab is in my opinion the nicest in the class. Extremely comfortable and good visibility.
    Hydraulic system capacity is far more than I will ever need, operation is fast and smooth. In the case of the loader, almost too fast sometimes but I am not fully used to it yet either.
    Telescoping draft links on the three point hitch making attaching implements easy.
    I have not had to use the MFWD much but when I have it pulls strong and is a timesaver.
    Overall I think that this tractor is a good value even given its high purchase price.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: I have a 2011 5093e Limited with the optional second rear SCV and larger tires (18.4 rear / 12.4 front). Before I bought I decided I wanted a cab, MFWD and good hydraulic capacity. I have one tractor to do everything on a small ranch. Typical chores may be feeding round bales, dirt work, tilling, planting and haymaking. I traded in a JD5403 which was a good tractor but open station and two wheel drive. I researched all the tractors in this class and looked closely at the New Holland TD5050 and other Deeres such as the 5083e/5101e and 6 series. While a nice tractor, I did not feel the TD5050 had the same quality and engineering and it was about the same price. There are cheaper tractors out there but you do get what you pay for.
    As I decided to upgrade to a cab tractor, the cab was important and this is one of the nicest cabs I have seen. Extremely comfortable, great visibility to front, sides and rear. As Grandpa used to say, “When you have air conditioning and a radio, it’s not work, it’s fun… and a good place to listen to the ballgame without being interupted.” The air conditioning will run you out of the tractor even on a medium setting in 100 degree plus heat. Although the 5e series does not have the Command Center of the larger Deeres, the instrumentation is good and easy to see. The radio supplied is a pretty nice heavy duty Jensen with AM/FM/WX, CD, i-pod connection, Sirius capability. Sound quality is OK even when operating at high throttle settings.
    I am very impressed with the 4 cylinder engine, it runs smoothly and relatively quietly. More than enough power for all my needs.
    Although I am still getting used to the Power Reverser it is handy for loader work, positioning to attach implements, etc. Transmission operates smoothly and the extra gears (12F/12R) mean I can find the right gear / throttle setting for almost any task.
    I have the 553 loader which is actually fairly easy to get on and off if you choose, although you do lose hydraulic fluid doing so. If you really planned to unmount / mount the loader often the monoblock connection option would be a good idea. The loader is capable and well designed, I especially like that the grease fittings all face outward on the sides and are easy to get to.
    The tractor has great hydraulic capacity for its size. Controls including the joystick are intuitive and easy to operate. The hydraulic sight glass is a nice touch, avoids dropping dirt into the system when checking fluid. Other items to check (oil, air, fuel strainer, etc.) are easy to get to.
    Overall I am very happy with the tractor. I come from a “Deere family” and there is certainly brand loyalty involved in my buying decisions, but I think if you compare feature for feature in this class the 5e Limited series looks pretty good as a “do it all” tractor.
    Cons: The price would be the number one con. Tractors in this class are all expensive compared to a slightly smaller open station two wheel drive, which is what I had before. After getting over the sticker shock, the Deere price is easier to swallow given the features and resale value green tractors have. Still, it is a big investment. The Deere zero percent financing helps.
    Cab entry is only through the left door, although you can get a right door kit it is probably of limited value due to the controls (gearshifts and joystick) on the right side that would be in the way.
    Mine is still relatively new. I gave it 4.5 on reliability because I did have a few issues that the dealer should have taken care of before delivery. This is probably more of a reflection on the dealer than the tractor itself, still it was disappointing to spend this kind of money and not have it perfect. There was an SCV connector that needed to be replaced, a bad o-ring in another, the throttle stuck (did not return to idle, rather to about 1100 RPM) and it took them a couple weeks to find the right radio and antenna combination. (Not an critical problem, yet still part of what I paid for.)
    Although I like the loader, operation can almost be too fast and abrupt at times. This may be due to newness or me still getting used to it.
    Attachments: I use a variety of attachments including bucket and hay forks on the loader, 3 point auger, disks, seeders / drills, spreader, rotary cutter, hay equipment.
    Modifications: Optional second rear SCV
    Optional larger tires – 18.4 /30 rear 12.4 / 24 front

  3. Richard Rastall says:

    great in deep snow and pulling a load. Fairly easy starting in cold weather with he block heater.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Was looking for a second tractor to take care of my round baling chores. Originally was looking at a new 5083E, but then decided that the extra horsepower of the 5093E might be better. My dealer did a search and found one at another dealer location. It had 300 hours on it. I added a 553 loader, ballast box and cold weather starting package to it. It already had a radio installed so not much more was required. Total cost delivered with a full tank of diesel was 42K.
    PROS – Cab visibility, power reserser transmission, loader, overall operation and ease of performing maintenance.
    Cons: Short wheel base can cause a bumpy ride going down the highway at road speeds. Overall sticker shock. As I plan to keep this tractor until I ‘m in the ground, the price will balance out.
    Attachments: 553 loader
    Modifications: loader package with joy stick and mid-mounted hydraulics

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