John Deere 450

There are 2 very different JD 450 models. The first is the John Deere 450 D LC. This is not a tractor. In fact it’s a very large excavator. The other model is the 450J which is a large crawler dozer. Again not a tractor!

So the 450 D LC first. It boasts a whopping 348 SAE net hp providing enormous amounts of power to move it’s 106,180 lbs (or 48.16 tons!) and it’s arm produces 43,228 lbs of arm force, which makes it capable of moving massive quantities or earth, rubble or whatever material you need moved. It comes with a 12 foot, 10 inch (3.91 meter) arm as standard, but you have the choice or others, from a 9 foot, 6 inch long arm (2.9 m) to a 16 foot, 1 inch arm (4.9 m). It’s maximum dig depth with the standard arm attached is 26 feet, 8 inches or (8.13 m). There is also another model of this digger with a slight variation, the 450 D LC ME. Just like the other commercial equipment that John Deere produces the 450 D LC is painted all yellow.

The John Deere 450 J is a crawler dozer that is of little relation to the 450 D LC. This crawler dozer is 16283 lbs (7385 kg) in weight and it’s John Deere 4045H engine produces 77 net hp, making this mid size crawler dozer pack a reasonable punch for it weight. It measures 160 inches (4.06 m) in length and has a Blade width of 124 inches (3.15 m). It’s fuel tank can hold a reasonable 47 US gallons (178 liters) of fuel. Much like the JD D LC, there are actually two models of the 450 J, the John Deere 450 J LGP and the John Deere 450J LT. As this model is not a farm tractor or garden tractor/mower, but a commercial vehicle, it too is painted all yellow.

This model just goes to show that as well as producing quality farm and garden machinery, John Deere also produces a range of quality commercial machinery from dozers to diggers. These often go unrecognized for the simple reason that the are colored yellow instead of the usual green and yellow.

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