John Deere 4320

There are 2 very similar John Deere 4320’s. The first is the farm tractor built in Waterloo, Idaho for just 2 years from 1971 until production ceased in 1972. This tractor has a John Deere, turbo-charged, 6.6 liter, 6 cylinder diesel engine. This power is then transferred through it’s partially synchronized, Syncro-Range transmission to a choice of chassis: You could get it with 4×2 2WD or in a 4×4 HFWD 4×4 configuration. It has a large fuel tank capable of holding 166.5 liters (44 US gallons) of diesel and it’s hydraulic system needs 53 liters (14 US gallons) of fluid to be filled completely. It’s quite heavy at 4842 kg (10,675 lbs) and has a large wheelbase of 2.7 m (106.5 inches) making it very steady. When this older model of the JD 4320 is fully ballasted, it weighs much more at 6522 kg (14,380 lbs).

The other John Deere 4320 is the newer model which is still being produced by JD. It’s a versatile compact tractor powered by a John Deere, turbocharged, 4 cylinder, diesel engine. It pumps out 48 hp which makes operating this machine quite enjoyable. It also has a 75 amp alternator which powers the extras, such as the heater and cooler in the ComfortGard cab. This JD 430 comes with 4 wheel drive as standard and a choice of either eHydro, Twin Touch transmission or PowrReverser transmission. It also has a very durable and firm high back seat, which makes operating this compact tractor for long periods very easy on your body.

The new John Deere 4320 weighs in at 1679 kg (3700 lbs) if you are getting it new with just a roll bar, but it weighs 1971 kg (4345 lbs) if  you are ordering with with a ComfortGard cab. It has a wheelbase of 1.82 m (71.5 inches) and a minimum turning radius of 2.8 m (9.2 ft). This is a highly desirable tractor and has many optional attachments from snow blowers to scarifiers as well as many different mid mounted mower decks, up to 72 inches wide.

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