John Deere 320

Possibly the most interesting visual aspect of the John Deere 320 is it’s paintwork. Rather than having the normal single horizontal yellow stripe running across the hood near the top of the tractor’s hood, the JD 320’s yellow stripe consists of wide horizontal yellow strip that suddenly changes and becomes vertical near the front of the tractor. This mid sized tractor started production in the mid fifties in 1956 and continued for 2 years until 1958. During that time, over 3,000 tractors were produced at the John Deere plant in Dubuque, Iowa. There is a number of variants of the John Deere 320. There is the John Deere 320v, the Southern Special, the John Deere 320U, the Utility tractor and the John Deere 320S, the standard front tractor.

The 320 is powered by a John Deere manufactured and built gasoline engine. It is a natural aspiration, 2 cylinder engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters. The engine has a power output of 25 hp. It is liquid cooled and requires 13.2 liters of coolant for the cooling system to function optimally. The 4 forward gears give a top speed of 12 mph while it has just one single reverse gear. The fuel tank that the John Deere 320 came with when it rolled off the production line is capable of holding 39.7 liters (10.5 US gallons of gasoline).

The JD 320 weighs 1247 kgs (2750 lbs) and has a wheelbase of 1.77m (70 inches). It’s length measures 2.94 m (115.75 inches). The dimensions of the John Deere 320U are quite different. It’s wheelbase is much wider at 1.97 m (77.75 inches) making it a much more stable tractor, while it’s slightly longer at 3.02 m (119.25 inches). This tractor may not be as popular as other models produced by JD at the time, but it was still quite well received by the farming community. When production on the 320 finished, a new version was put into production, the John Deere 330.

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