John Deere 317

The John Deere 317 was produced during the time period of 1979 to 1983 in a factory in Horicon in Wisconsin. It is one of the hydrostatic lawn tractors produced by the Deere and Company. Initially this tractor had some lubrication problems but later the Onan P218G engine was improved by the company with a retro fit kit. Later an upgraded series II KT 17 engine was provided by Kohler. It is excellent equipment with the Kohler cylinder engines. This garden tractor from John Deere is useful for people who have a large yard in their homes.

This tractor ensures you that your job will be done properly. Various garden activities can be done easily with the help of a John Deere 317. These lawn mowers from Deere and company are good quality garden machines. These are one of the best tractors that you can use in your residential setting. The parts of these tractors are produced by keeping the consumers in mind. If you are considering using a machine in your own lawn then this one can be a good option. The JD 317 tractor is driven hydraulically with a help of a driveshaft in the Kohler engine. It moves a hydraulic pump and the rear wheels are driven. Hydraulic pressure is supplied to all the actuators. There is a tiller in the John Deere 317 tractor that is driven by two belts in the rear Power Take-off (PTO) and a longer belt of the front PTO drives a mower deck. All the attachments are lowered and raised hydraulically. The model is preceded by the 316 and followed by the 318 model.

Features and specifications of the John Deere 317:

  • The model number of the engine used is KT 17QS.
  • The engine uses gasoline and is two cylinder.
  • The bore/stroke for this unit is 3.125×2.750 inches and displacement is 42.18 ci.
  • The power of the engine is 17 horse power.
  • The JD 317 lawn tractor possesses an air cooling system.
  • Air is exhausted from the front of the machine.
  • The rated revolutions per minute (RPM) of the engine is 3600.
  • The chassis present in the model is 4×2 2WD.
  • Differential brakes are present in the machine.
  • It has a tiller, a mower deck and a blade.
  • This tractor is appropriate for any type of field cutting.

So, overall the John Deere 317 is a wonderful lawn tractor that you can use in your garden.

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3 Reviews of the “John Deere 317”

  1. m daniels says:

    I mowed very rough land. Mowed over trees up to a couple inches around. Front axle was bar stock so just rammed into and over brush. When dropped in a woodchuck hole I’d pry it out with a 4×4 chunk of timber… then run to catch it because I left it with wheels spinning. Just loved it. Traded up to a 345 that was 20 years newer.

    Year of Manufacture: 1982
    Pros: Heavy duty for that era. Loved the sound of that Kohler… real tractor sound. Beat the heck out of mine. Started with 10 acres unimproved land. Old 317 beat down the brush, mowed down the weeds, and turned it into my landscape. It was a tank. Loved the independent rear brakes… stomp one and spin around almost in place… yeah digs hole so not for lawn use.
    Cons: Pre-safety era. No seat switch, no back up cutout, no foot controls, no kill switches. Night mowing a low tree branch reached out and knocked me off the seat… tractor kept on going without me.
    Attachments: Only had 46″ mower deck

  2. Bill says:

    Would be a lot better if I could disconnect rear pto output

    Year of Manufacture: 1985
    Pros: My 317 must be the series one as it has not been redrill =ed or modifyed,missing partsnone
    Cons: unable to disconnect rear pto output
    Attachments: none
    Modifications: Putting back together as someone who had it did not know how it’s to be

  3. liam says:


    Year of Manufacture: 1982
    Pros: lots of power
    Cons: nothing
    Attachments: just about anything put your mind to log spliter deck plow blower tiller garden plow cultivator disks bucket use your mind
    Modifications: put on a sleeve hitch for your garden

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