John Deere 312

The John Deere 312 is another model of lawn mower from JD that is not particularly well known. This is partly due to the fact that it’s well over 30 years since it was produced. The JD 312 had a production run of just 1 year from 1977 until 1978. The JD 312 gets it’s power from a 0.476 Kohler K301AQS gasoline engine. This is a one cylinder that gives an output of 12 hp to power the wheels and turn the blade on the mower deck.

As you will no doubt guess, there is obviously a rear bagger attachment that came optionally with the John Deere 312 available to new purchasers. Currently though, given the fact that any JD 312 you lay your eyes on will be at least 30 years old, you will increasingly find it being operated without it’s original bagger. This is no big deal as often people have instead added larger or easier to use baggers to their John Deere 312’s. Just remember that adding a rear bagger to any John Deere lawnmower will change it’s weight distribution, so it’s advisable to add weight plates to counteract this shift in weight distribution. Besides adding a bagger, you can also attach other implements to the 312. These include snowblowers as well as a front blades.

If you are looking for other similar models to the JD 312, then you should have a look at the John Deere 316 and the John Deere 318 lawnmower as both of these machines are from the same series but happen to be way more popular. If you own (or have owned) a John Deere 312 lawnmower, then please feel free to leave a review below detailing what you like and don’t like about it. Don’t forget to mention also any modifications you made to it or problem you had with it or any other attachments you use with it that haven’t been mentioned above.

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One Review of the “John Deere 312”

  1. Dave Q says:

    This is my do it all machine that I use to mow in the summer and move snow with in the winter and other than some issues as of late it’s been a good machine. This is one machine that will most likely never leave my herd.

    Year of Manufacture: 1978
    Pros: Good performance, easy to use, genuine Deere parts are still available from the dealer with a large used parts market at a fraction of the cost of new. The lawn tractors are built like tanks with cast iron motors as well as central hydraulics run off the Hydro-static transmission for mower lift as well as lifting and angling implements.
    Cons: Age and lack of or poor maintenance from previous owners is a real killer for these older machines. With anything equipment that’s 30 years old you are going to have some issues that pop up but most are easily fixed. The other thing is hack job repairs that can cause issues and lots of head aches if they are not caught and fixed.
    Attachments: 54in 4 way Dirt/Snow blade
    48in Mower deck
    49in Single stage snow blower
    Modifications: Vertical Exhaust
    JD 317 Dual brake pedals
    H2 Hydraulics
    LED Tail lights
    Rear back up light
    Ag tires front and back
    Chrome fasteners for a little pop

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