John Deere 3032E

The John Deere 3032E compact utility tractor is a one of the smaller models in the 3000 series of compact tractors from JD. However there is one smaller model available. This is the John Deere 3005 compact utility tractor. The JD 3032E tractor gets it’s power from a 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. It’s model number is 3TNV88. The engine has a total volume (displacement) of 1.6 liters. It’s diesel powered and has natural aspiration. The engine fires with a compression ratio of 19:1. The lubrication system is fully pressurized to provide adequate lubrication during times of heavy use. The engine uses a dry type air filter to clean the air intake before it enters the engine. The liquid cooling system used to prevent the engine from getting too hot has a capacity to hold up to 4.2 liters of water.

Transferring power from the engine on the John Deere 3032E to the wheels is done by pressing on the Twin Touch pedals. This makes the JD 3032E an automatic and so is very easy to use. The hydrostatic transmission gives the operator the option of either a set of Hi gears or Lo gears. The top speed that this transmission offers is 20 kph (12.4 mph) when traveling forwards, while in reverse, it’s considerably slower. The engine is keystarted via a 12V battery that provides 500 cold-cranking amps.

Braking on the John Deere 3032E is relatively simple thanks to the wet disk brakes. Even though this is a very small tractor for John Deere, they have still included power steering with it which makes handling it very easy indeed. Don’t forget that this is an incredibly versatile machine thanks to a wide array of attachments from front end loaders to backhoes and snow blowers/snow blades. If you are looking for a slightly more powerful model, then you may be interested in the John Deere 3038E garden tractor.

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