John Deere 2240

The John Deere 2240 is from the same line of JD tractors that include the John Deere 2440 and the John Deere 2640 which are larger and more powerful, while the John Deere 2040 is smaller and less powerful. The JD 2240 gets it’s power from a John Deere manufactured 3179DL engine. This engine is prevented from overheating thanks to a liquid cooling system that takes up to 2.6 liters of water. The total size of this 3 cylinder engine comes to 2.9 liters. The engine is naturally aspirated and is diesel fueled. It’s max power out is 50 hp. Dust and other small particles are prevented from getting into the engine thanks to a dry type air cleaner. The engine is started via a 12 volt battery.

The John Deere 2240 tractor comes with a choice of 2 gearboxes. The first choice is a partial power shift transmission that gives it 16 speeds going forwards and 8 speeds when it’s reversing. The second choice gives it half this amount, with 8 gears going forwards and 4 for reversing. The rear 3 point hitch on the JD 2240 is a category 2 with a maximum safe lifting capacity of 1017 kg (2243 lbs). The hydraulics system is closed with a 36 liter (9.5 US gallon) capacity.

The John Deere 2240 comes with an open operator station as standard which may seem a little odd, but then when you consider that this machine was manufactured from 1976 to 1982, it’s fairly understandable. The maximum safe ballasted weight of the JD 2240 is 3329 kg (7340 lbs), but without ballast, it’s operating weight comes to 2245 kg (4950 lbs). The front wheels on the tractor measure 6.5-16 (6.5 inch width 16 inch rim diameter), while the rear wheels measure 14.9-29 (14.9 inch width, 29 inch rim diameter). If you have ever operated the JD 2240, then make sure to leave a review below to give others an idea of what to expect from it. Try to include what implements you use with it.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 2240”

  1. Roger Kechter says:

    Overall, enjoyable to operate.

    Year of Manufacture: 1976
    Pros: This is a great little tractor. I have a 145 JD loader. Have never regretted buying this. Has needed repairs, but then its over 40 years old. New tractors aren’t built like these.
    Cons: The spring loaded Park/Hi/Low/Reverse gear shift is a rocket scientists worst night mare!
    Attachments: 145 John Deere Loader
    JD pallet forks
    50 Gallon 3 point PTO sprayer
    8′ heavy duty back blade
    12′ 3 point harrow
    Modifications: JD Roll over protection and canopy

  2. Passin Thru says:

    Hydraulics will overheat, needs a cooler, runs and starts well when it’s cold, we have a winter coolant heater.

    Year of Manufacture: 1980
    Pros: Have a Westendorf loader, no ballast. Good hydraulics, good paint, tough tractor.
    Cons: Underpowered, small with not enough legroom for a 6 ft 220 lb’er. Hard to shift and gets stuck in park if you are on a hill. Hard to mount-dismount
    Attachments: Loader, Bushhog 90 in finish mower, JD plow, 8ft harrow posthole digger
    Modifications: Want square top fenders with a handle to get on

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