John Deere 214

The John Deere 214 is a well known lawn mower from the guys at John Deere that enjoyed a production run of 0ver 10 years from 1975 to 1987. It was part of a family of JD lawnmowers produced around that time, which included the John Deere 216 and John Deere 212. The 214 is powered by a 512cc, 1 cylinder, K321AQS Kohler engine that had an engine size of 0.5 liters. This produced 14 hp of power that transferred into 4 gears going forward and 1 in reverse.

The great thing about the JD 214 is that you have a choice of mower decks that you could use on it. If you were mostly cutting short, light grass, you can use the smaller 48″ mower deck. While if you were going to be tackling long or heavy, wet grass that needed more power to be cut, you could attach a 38″ mower deck. It also has a number of attachments that it can take, from smaller utility carts to lawn scarifiers to snow blowers/throwers and snow blades/plows.

The John Deere 214 was quite a compact lawnmower when compared with the very large ones that you see nowadays. It only weighs 299 kg (660 lbs) while measuring 1.71 m (67.5 inches) long and has a total width, when factoring in it’s wheelbase of 1.16 m (46 inches). The JD 214 was very well received by consumers as it had an alternator and 12 V battery meaning that instead of starting with a pull cord like almost all other tractors back then, you just needed to turn a key.

All in all the John Deere 214 is very well liked by gardeners with medium to large gardens for it’s all-round versatility and different sized mowing decks. Other than a few problems people have had in the past with the clutch, this is a very sturdy and reliable garden tractor lawnmower.

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6 Reviews of the “John Deere 214”

  1. Chad Carter says:

    Awesome tractor.

    Year of Manufacture: 1985
    Cons: Not hydraulic controlled
    Attachments: Front blade
    Modifications: Custom built front mounted blade. Custom made tire chains. Custom fab tube bumper. LED bulbs. Extra lights front and rear.

  2. Aztec1228 says:

    Great machine will handle a lot of work. Has great versatility and has lots of power. Also love the hydraulic lift!

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Very versatile machine and is able to use many attachments.
    Brinly plow
    Potatoe plow
    39 inch mower deck
    Snow thrower
    43 inch Blade

  3. Michael murphy says:

    I love using this tractor.

    Year of Manufacture: 1985
    Pros: I bought this tractor from a landscape company in 2002. It has never given me a single problem.
    Always starts
    Plenty powerful
    Large chassis
    Easily goes over soft ground
    Cons: None
    Attachments: 46 mower deck
    Snow blower
    Modifications: None

  4. Greg G. says:

    It has worked perfectly since I bought it used. My dad bought a used 316 at the same time, his has never failed either.

    Year of Manufacture: 1986
    Pros: A great machine. I’ve had it for nearly 20 years. It starts and runs perfectly every time. Plenty of power. Easy to maintain. I change the oil twice a year. I change the plug and air filter once a year.
    Cons: Hydro stat drive would be nice.
    Attachments: 42″ mowing deck. Cuts smoothly every time.

    Snow thrower. Never bogs down even in heavy Minnesota winters. It’s fun to use so I usually clear my drive and a couple neighbors. It is amazing to see it throw the snow so far.

    Modifications: None.

  5. Roy says:

    If I can get it to start and stay running, it’ll do anything I ask of it, mow grass, push dirt, etc.

    Year of Manufacture: 1980
    Pros: tough old bird, I bought a abandoned house, had grass as tall as the mower, I had to run in 1st gear with the 48′ deck but it mowed the entire 1/2 acre. and only took 2 tanks of fuel
    Cons: doesn’t like the circuit breaker, trips it out when cranking, after running for a couple hours. can’t find any wire issues.
    leaks oil. separate clutch and brake. Varator can be tricky to run.
    Attachments: 42″ blade, 42″ snow thrower, 36″ tiller, Wheel weights and chains
    Modifications: As I got it, most safety switches bypassed.

  6. larry graves says:

    mow 5 acres with it and a 1969 112 what a team of mules

    Year of Manufacture: 1981
    Pros: heavy built walks though anything don’t need any thing but standard hand tools and common sence to work on them
    Cons: i wish it had a brake clutch like my 112 jd
    Attachments: 37 A snow thrower and blade
    Modifications: a natural just the way it rolled off the line

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