John Deere 208

The John Deere 208 is a little known lawn mower that is over 30 years old. It was built for just one year from 1977 until production on it finished in 1978. The engine power the JD 208 is absolutely tiny compared to the engines in ride on lawnmowers today. It produces a measly 8 hp. This is a 0.305 liter Kohler K181S engine that is air cooled. It’s a 1 cylinder gasoline engine that uses a dry type air filter to prevent impurities from entering into the combustion process. The engines oil level needs to be kept at 1.2 liters of engine oil.

The John Deere 208 lawnmower uses a 4 speed manual gearbox with 1 gear for reversing. Even though the engine only produces a paltry 8 hp, it does have a fairly decent top speed of 11.3 kph (7 mph). This is despite the fact that it tips the scales at well over 200 kg (440 lbs). The capacity of the fuel tank on the JD 208 is fairly big at 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons).

The mower deck that came with the John Deere 208 as standard has a 38 inch cutting width. This mower deck doesn’t have one large blade, but instead has 3 smaller blades. This mower deck can be adjusted from as low as 1.5 inches above the ground up to 3.5 inches above the ground. John Deere is known for building flexible and versatile machines capable of more than one task and the JD 208 is no exception. It can be used for clearing snow with a 37 inch snow blower attachment or a 43 inch front blade. If you are looking for other John Deere lawnmowers from around this time, then do have a look at the John Deere 200 mower or the John Deere 210 lawn mower. Most people probably aren’t aware of JD mowers from around this time, but if you are (and you own one) please leave a review below of your favorite model.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 208”

  1. Colin V says:

    I’ve used a JD 208 to maintain a 0.67 acre property in the Midwest for the last 11 years. During that time, I’ve gone through 4 batteries and 3 ignition coils. Honestly, I think it’s more an issue with quality of parts than the tractor. Storage for the winter is an unheated shed. Battery fully charged at the end of the season, no maintainer. Oil changes at the end of each season, about 200 hours. Original deck bearings were changed around 2016-17 (40 years!). Given the chance, I would absolutely buy it again.

    Year of Manufacture: 1977
    Pros: Solid deck, plenty of power, reliable
    Cons: Possibly electrical, see details below
    Attachments: 38″ mower deck

  2. Doug Clark says:


    Year of Manufacture: 1977
    Pros: Question, can anyone anwwer? I just got a 208 model that is great conditiion. It hadn’t ran for a couple of years; got going with little effort. I can’t figure out how to disengage the blades from turning. They will stop when the clutch is ingaged; but turn when clutch is disengaged. Do they run all the time, no matter if mowing or not? Strange and dangerous…..
    Cons: x
    Attachments: x
    Modifications: x

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