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Not many farm machinery companies have managed to make a name for themselves when it comes to manufacturing good quality tractors the way John Deere has. Great performance, user friendly, reliable and sturdy is some of the many reasons why people have so much trust in John Deere and its products.

The John Deere 2040 is one of the many farming tractors manufactured by the company. The production of this model began in 1976 and lasted upto 1982. The production was carried out in Germany, just like that of the John Deere 2030. The testing of this model started in October 1975 and lasted for about a month. During this phase the model was tested exclusively in extreme surface conditions, climatic conditions and other hazards. The JD 2040 was priced at $14000 in the year 1982. In terms of engine power, the JD 2030 was superior as compared to 2040. This model has an engine power of 34 HP which is half of that of 2030.

One of the highlights of John Deere 2040 is its fuel capacity which notches upto 21 US gallons (or 78 liters for those of you in Europe). The wheelbase is also very impressive and stands at 74.4 inches. Being a farming tractor, the 2040 model too is on the heavier side and pushes the scales at 5775 pounds.

The 3 cylinder engine of JD 2040 was manufactured in house by John Deere and runs on diesel. Another highlight of this model is that it has got 4 reverse gears and 8 forward gears. As is always the case with any John Deere farming tractor, you can be rest assured that your tractor would work on any terrain in the world.

John Deere 2040 managed to draw lot of attention from people who showed keen interest in buying a farming tractor. Many who managed to buy this model certainly appreciate its performance and ability to deliver constant results.

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