John Deere 2010

The John Deere 2010 is not a tractor built specifically for the year twenty ten. It’s actually a very old farm model that was produced by John Deere over 5 years from 1960 – 1965. Way before you would have considered adding a roll bar to your tractor, the JD 2010 was a popular farm tractor used by many. It had the option of being powered by one of three different motors, a gasoline, diesel or LP gas model. Each was a 4 cylinder engine, the gasoline and LP gas models were 2.4 liters while the diesel was slightly bigger at 2.7 liters. The engine provided just under 47hp to when the PTO was tested.

The fuel tank had a capacity of 16 US gallons while the hydraulic system took 8 US gallons of hydraulic fluid. The John Deere 2010 was a fairly steady tractor with a wheelbase of 87 inches (or 2.2m for those of you in Europe) and length of 140 inches (or 3.54m for those of you in Europe) and weighed in at 6392 lbs (or 2,899kg for those of you in Europe) when full operational. The JD 2010 has 8 gears going forward but only 3 in reverse.

Like many of it’s popular models in years gone by, John Deere also produced a crawler/dozer version, called the John Deere 2010C. Like the other John Deere crawlers it produced around this time, the entire vehicle was painted all yellow instead of the usual green and yellow. The JD 2010C also weighed in a lot more than it’s twin. It tipped the scales at 9645lbs (or 4375kg if you are in Europe). The John Deere 2010 was eventually superseded by the John Deere 2020.

All in all, the JD 2010 was a fantastic tractor back in the day and it still is highly prized among tractor enthusiasts, especially if you can find one that has been properly looked after. The original did not come with a roll bar, so as with many antique and classic tractors you’ll find a roll bar has been added by a previous owner.

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