John Deere 175

The John Deere 175 lawn mower is an upgrade from the John Deere 165 lawn mower, but it is not quite as big and powerful as the John Deere 185 mower. As with practically every single JD lawnmower ever built, Horicon was where it all took place. The great thing about Horicon is that it’s located in Wisconsin, which means that it’s incredibly centrally located, so shipping to Canada, the east and west coasts is very easy and straightforward. The production run on the JD 175 lasted only 3 years from 1987 until 1990. During that time a variant of the 175 was produced. This is the John Deere 170 lawnmower. It differed to the 175 due to the fact that is had a gear drive transmission, not a hydrostatic one.

The engine in the John Deere 175 is a 0.422 liter Kawasaki. This 1 cylinder engine has natural aspiration and produces 14 hp that is used by both the mower deck and to power the wheels. The engine uses an air cooling system and a dry type air filter incorporated with a foam pre cleaning element. The engine needs to have it’s oil level maintained at 1.4 liters to stay properly lubricated throughout operation.

As stated before, the transmission on the John Deere 175 is a hydrostatic one. Specifically, it’s a Eaton hydrostatic transmission, making the JD 175 an automatic with a top speed of 8 kph (5 mph). Even though the engine only pumps out 14hp, the lawnmower is fairly heavy. It weighs in at 274 kg (605 lbs) and measures 1.65 m (65 inches) long without any attachments such as a bagger or snow blower. When this lawnmower was originally for sale, it came with the option of a 6.5 bushel bagger attachment. As with many lawnmowers, it’s advisable to use front weights to balance out rear attachments.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 175”

  1. Paul says:

    My general experience, hmmmm well I’m really glad we spent the money then on a J Deere mower asI have neighbors who’ve gone through two or three mowers in the same time frame!!!

    Year of Manufacture: 1990
    Pros: So glad we went with the hydro when we bought this,it has been problem free and has made mowing SO much easier!!
    Cons: After approximately a quarter century of virtually trouble free use….I can’t think of one thing
    Attachments: We bought the bagger attachment when we picked up the tractor.

  2. Kent says:

    Nothing but smiles

    Year of Manufacture: 1987
    Pros: This tractor is one of 4 lawnmowers I own for 4 different places. I have a 175 a 165 and 2- 185 johndeere tractor mowers. None owe me anything. They have really no problems besides the occasional bearing or belt and that is seldome. They seem to be bullet proof. The paint still shines on them. I don’t think I will ever trade them off if I can get parts for them. All bought new except one 185.

    I used to buy tractors from Central Tractor or Farm and Fleet. Decks were junk in a couple of years. I remember thinking I am probably nuts spending 3 times what I paid for the others. Boy was I wrong. My advice is if you can find a used one in good shape buy it.

    Cons: None
    Attachments: More decks

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