John Deere 1545

The John Deere 1545 commercial front mower is powered by a Yanmar diesel engine. This 3 cylinder engine has a displacement of 1.33 liters and is liquid cooled. The cooling system has a capacity to hold 7.6 liters of water. The engine uses a direct injection system which helps to start it quickly and easily on cold mornings. The engine is started with a standard 12 volt battery that is recharged via 55 amp alternator once the engine is on. The fuel tank that supplies the engine with diesel is very large with a capacity to hold 60.6 liters (16 US gallons). Air entering the engine first passes through a dual element air filter which cleanses it of any impurities before it enters the combustion chamber.

The John Deere 1545 has a hydrostatic transmission which means that you never need to change gears on it except when you are changing between the Hi and Lo range. The top speed of the JD 1545 in the Hi range is 24.1 kph (15 mph) while in the Lo range, it’s top speed reaches 12.9 kph (8 mph). There is a choice of mower decks on the JD 1545. These are a 54 inch and 62 inch mower decks as well as a 60 inch and 72 inch 7 Iron II mower decks that are incredibly durable.

Similar front mowers to the John Deere 1545 include the John Deere 1435 and the John Deere 1445 lawnmowers. One of the nice things about this lawnmower is that you can purchase an optional 4 post ROPS with canopy which will keep the sun off you during long periods of operation during the summer. The great thing about the JD 1545 is that it is also compatible with a decent range of attachments. These include a 47 inch and 60 inch snow blower as well as a rotary broom and front blades.

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One Review of the “John Deere 1545”

  1. Richard Slagter says:

    I cut about 9 acres a week and with this mower you can just take your time and groom your lawn to have a golf course appearance even with scrub grass with lots of unevenness and bumps. All of this in air conditioned comfort. It is a little loud in the cab but I wear 3M blue tooth hearing protection and my iPhone and listen to music with a smile on my face. I just put some gater blades on. This is my first year with it and I’m very satisfied.

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: Air conditioning
    Attachments: 7 Iron 72” flex deck
    Modifications: None

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