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The John Deere 1520 tractor had a production run that lasted 5 years from 1968 until 1972 when it was replaced by the John Deere 1530 tractor. The JD 1520 came with a choice of 2 different engines to power it. The first choice is a gasoline powered engine. This is a naturally aspirated engine that uses a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating and fires at a compression ratio of 8 to 1. This gasoline engine has a total displacement of 2.7 liters. The other engine choice is a diesel 3 cylinder engine that is also naturally aspirated and has a displacement of 2.7 liters. This engine fires at a compression ratio of 16.7 to 1 and also uses a liquid cooling system that needs 11.4 liters of water to fully fill it. The engine uses a dry type air filter to stop dust and particulate matter from getting into the engine. Both of these engine choices for the JD 1520 are manufactured by JD themselves.

There is a choice of 2 different gearboxes for the John Deere 1520. The first is a partial power shift transmission system that has 16 speeds going forwards and 8 for when it’s reversing. The other is a collar shift system with less gears, 8 for traveling forward and 4 for reversing.

The fuel tank on the John Deere 1520 tractor can hold up to 73.8 liters (19.5 US gallons). The hydraulics system on the JD 1520 is closed and has a valve flow rate of 39.7 liters per minute (10.5 US gallons per minute). The total capacity of the hydraulics is 37.9 liters (10 US gallons). This hydraulics system powers the rear 3 point hitch to have a maximum safe lifting capacity of 1043 kg (2300 lbs). The maximum safe ballasted weight for this tractor comes to 3161 kg (6970 lbs). If you have ever operated this tractor, then you can contribute to Tractor Review by leaving a review of your experiences with it below.

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