John Deere 1420

The John Deere 142o commercial front lawn mower is powered by a Yanmar gasoline engine. This 3 cylinder, liquid cooled engine has a displacement of 0.878 liters. It uses a liquid cooling system to prevent it from overheating. The air intake is cleaned using a dual element dry type air filter which removes impurities and particulate matter from the air before it enters the combustion chamber. The maximum speed of the JD 1420 when going forwards is 19.3 kph (12 mph). The gas tank supplying fuel to the engine is capable of holding up to 60.6 liters (16 US gallons) of gasoline.

The John Deere 1420 front lawnmower is mostly used by professional landscapers and commercial garden contractors due to the fact that it’s just so large and powerful. Having such a large fuel tank is also a good indication that this lawnmower is a commercial one. For better mobility and traction, the JD 1420 comes with a differential lock which is foot activated. Another indication that this lawnmower is designed for commercial purposes is that it comes with JD’s 7 Iron II mower deck. This mower deck is so famous and popular among commercial landscapers for the simple reason that it’s just so sturdy.

The 7 Iron II mower deck is built from a single piece of 7 gauge steel. The fact that it’s not made from composite parts means that it is much more unlikely to crack or break after hitting something in it’s path when compared to a similar mower deck made from parts that are bolted/welded together. The mower deck is 5.5 inches deep, so it can handle very long grass with ease. Other models in the front mower series from John Deere include the John Deere 1435 and the John Deere 1445 commercial front lawnmowers. If you own or operate one of these commercial front mowers, then please leave a review of it below.

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One Review of the “John Deere 1420”

  1. Brian Adams says:

    LOVE operating this machine and Hate going to John Deere to by parts OR service.

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: Tough- get it done.
    Cons: Expensive repairs
    Attachments: Great mower deck
    Modifications: Fire the Union

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