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The John Deere 1035 tractor was designed and built in Spain at the Getafe production plant during the seventies. The JD 1035 had a run of 3 years from 1977 up until 1979. As the tractor was built in Spain it was marketed towards the European market. This means that you won’t be very likely to see it on farms in the USA (unless of course you imported one).

The engine that powers the John Deere 1035 tractor is a 3 cylinder model that is diesel powered. The engine uses a paper type air filter to prevent dust from entering the air intake into the combustion chambers where it can clog them and damage the engine.

The John Deere 1035 tractor came with an open operator station as standard. However many have had a makeshift cab built onto them while others have merely had a roll bar welded/bolted on. The tractor is built around a 4X2 2WD chassis. The large rear wheels carry most of the tractors weight and power it forward, while the front wheels are responsible for steering it. You can leave a review of the JD 1035 below by filling out the form. If possible please indicate any modifications that you have made to the tractor. Try to keep your review as objective as possible so that people get a good idea of both it’s pros as well as it’s cons.

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