Husqvarna WH3617

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The Husqvarna WH3617 self propelled commercial lawnmower has the same engine as both the Husqvarna WH5217 and the Husqvarna WH4817 walk behind lawn mowers. However it’s deck is a lot smaller. This means that it can more easily handle long wet grass and even scrub without the risk of stalling. The engine that powers all 3 of this lawn mowers is a Kawasaki. This gasoline twin cylinder engine has a full pressure lubrication system and pumps out 17 hp. This engine powers the blades on the WH 3617’s mower deck through a belt drive system that is engaged using an electric clutch.

The deck on the Husqvarna WH3617 that houses the 2 blades is made from fabricated steel. The blades themselves are each 18 inches in diameter. The mower deck on the WH 3617 is raised and lowered manually. It can operate as low as 1.5 inches above the ground if you are looking for a close cut. However, if you are tackling particularly long or thick grass and just want to trim it, you can raise the deck as high as 5 inches above the ground. The mowing deck features a side discharging system to dispose to the grass clippings.

The rear wheels on the Husqvarna WH 3617 through which power is transferred each measure 16×6.5-8 (16 inch diameter, 6.5 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter). These wheels are quite unlike what you would normally find on a residential ‘push’ mower as they are pneumatic with a turf thread. The total length of the WH3617 comes to 75 inches from the front wheels to the operator handles. When operating at maximum capacity, this self propelled walk behind lawn mower can cut up to 2 acres per hour. If you are buying it brand new, then if comes with a 3 year limited warranty for commercial use which is a testament to the quality of Husqvarna machines.

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