Husqvarna PZ6029PFX

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The Husqvarna PZ6029PFX zero turn lawn mower is very similar to the Husqvarna PZ6029FX in almost every respect, except for one crucial difference. The PZ 6029 PFX is powered by a propane engine, not a gasoline (petrol) or diesel one. However, it’s still an FX series engine designed and produced by Kawasaki. This engine produces 29 hp from an engine displacement of 0.852 liters. The twin cylinder, air cooled engine is fed with propane via 2 large tanks that are attached to either side of the driver’s seat.

The Husqvarna PZ6029PFX is controlled by two hand levers located directly in front of the operator. These control the speed of each rear wheel. The right lever controls the right rear wheel while the left lever controls the left rear wheel. By controlling the speed and direction of each rear wheel independently, the driver is able to easily execute zero radius turns, allowing them to cut grass in difficult to manoeuvre areas of lawn with ease. This means that the sole purpose of the front wheels is to keep the deck from hitting the ground.

The mower deck on the Husqvarna PZ6029PFX zero turn mower has a cutting width of 60 inches. However it’s total width is actually a lot bigger, coming in at 1.56 m (61.5 inches) when the side discharge chute is up, while it measures 1.85 m (73 inches) when the chute is down and in operation. The mower deck has been constructed from 7 gauge steel which helps it to resist bending and buckling. The mower deck can operate as low as 1 inch above the ground and a maximum height of 5 inches above the ground over 17 different positions. There are a choice of 3 different options for dealing with grass clippings on the PZ 6029 PFX. The easiest is to discharge it out the side of the mower deck, while you can also use a mulching kit or collect it in a rear attached bagger. A similar model to this one is the Husqvarna PZ6029D zero turn mower.

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