Husqvarna LZ7230

The Husqvarna LZ7230 zero turn lawn mower is one of Husqvarna’s most powerful and largest machines. This lawn mower has a massive mowing deck with a cutting width of 72 inches. The engine powering the deck produces 30 hp, which is an engine that you will usually find on the likes of small compact tractors. The engine in question is a Kohler twin cylinder. This model features a full pressure lubrication system. The air filter is a paper type that prevents dust and other contaminants from getting into the twin cylinders which can clog them and lower performance.

This engine powers the mower deck on the Husqvarna LZ7230 using a belt drive system. It’s expected that LZ 7230 will be used in rough environments, so that is why the mowing deck is made from 7 gauge stamped steel. This 7 gauge steel is far more durable than the likes of a bolted or welded steel deck as there are less potential weak points. Inside the deck, you will find 3 blades, each of which has a length of 25 inches. The blades operate over a range of 4.5 inches, from a max height of 6 inches, down to a low of 1.5 inches. The deck is raised and lowered using a foot operated pedal.

You will notice an hourmeter (digital) on the Husqvarna LZ7230 which allows you to easily and accurately judge when to get it serviced. The seat on the LZ 7230 has a full suspension and a fairly high back which is extra easy on your back. If you like the LZ 7230 zero turn lawn mower, but would like to see others, then you should take a look at the Husqvarna BZ7234 mower or the Husqvarna PZ7243FX mower which both have the same sized mower decks. Make sure to leave your thoughts on this lawn mower in a review below.

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