Husqvarna iZ6125

The Husqvarna iZ6125 zero turn lawn mower is from the same line of machines that also include the Husqvarna iZ4217 and the Husqvarna iZ4819, but it’s much more powerful than these 2 machines. It also has a much larger mower deck. It’s mower deck has a cutting width of 61 inches. However it’s total width is actually a lot higher at 75 inches as it has a large plastic discharge chute on the right hand side that prevent grass (and other debris from getting sucked up by the blades and flying everywhere). The mower deck has 3 blades that are belt driven. All three blades are identical and have a length of 21 inches. The mower deck on the iZ6125 is obviously quite heavy. That’s why there is a foot pedal which assists the operator in raising and lowering it. By pressing on the foot pedal you can raise the deck from a minimum cutting height of 1.5 inches above the ground to a high of 5 inches.

The engine that powers this mower deck on the Husqvarna iZ6125  is a Kohler Command engine. This twin cylinder engine has overhead valves and a max power output of 25 hp. The engine uses a dry type air filter to clean the air intake of dust and other particulate matter before it enters into the 2 combustion chambers. The engine passes power to the rear wheels using a combination of a Hydro-Gear transmission and Parker wheel motors. This system gives the iZ 6125 a top speed of 15.3 kph (9.5 mph).

The handle bars with which the Husqvarna iZ6125 is steered are ergonomic and adjustable to match your height for a more comfortable operating experience. The total weight of the machine is quite high, coming in at 417.3 kg (920 lbs). If you have ever owned or operated a iZ 6125, then please describe your experience on it below by leaving a review.

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