Husqvarna 2346XLS

Production on the Husqvarna 2346XLS garden tractor lawn mower has ceased. However this hasn’t dimmed it’s popularity. The engine that powers the 2346 XLS lawnmower is a twin cylinder Vanguard machine. This engine utilizes a full pressure lubrication system that keeps the engine efficiently oiled throughout operation (provided you have filled the oil reservoir that is). The total displacement for the 2 cylinders comes to 0.721 liters. The Briggs and Stratton engine transfers power to the rear wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that gives it infinite speeds traveling forwards as well as in reverse. The accelerator is a foot pedal. There is a rear differential lock on this mower that allows you to take tighter turns than on conventional Husqvarna machines that lack this functionality.

The mower deck on the Husqvarna 2346XLS has a cutting width of 46 inches. This deck is constructed from strong steel and has 2 blades inside it. The blades are belt driven. The deck has a number of small plastic anti scalping wheels attached to it’s edges. These maintain the decks elevation, which prevent it from accidentally scraping  or ‘scalping’ the lawn. The deck operates over a range of 3 inches. The lowest that it can cut grass at is just 0.5 inches above the ground for an incredibly neat cut, while it can be raised as high as 3.5 inches for tackling longer grass.

There are a number of options for dealing with the clippings after they are cut. If you are lazy then you’ll be happy to just discharge them out the side of the deck. However, if you want your lawn looked after, then you may consider using a mulcher which will turn the grass into a fast rotting mulch/pulp. This quickly returns the nutrients to the soil. The final option is to use a bagger attachment to collect the grass clippings, leaving your lawn looking far neater.

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