Craftsman 7800690 26 HP 52 Inch Zero Turn Lawnmower

The Craftsman 7800690 26 HP 52 Inch Zero Turn Lawnmower is very similar to the Craftsman Professional 52″ 24hp Zero Turn Lawnmower except that the #7800690 is more powerful. A less powerful zero turn lawnmower from Craftsman is the Craftsman 7800753 21 HP 42 Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower. The engine powering the 7800690 is a Briggs and Stratton Platinum series model. This 26 horsepower engine is air cooled and use a cartridge type air filter. Each of the 2 cylinders has cast iron cylinder liners. The full pressure lubrication system comes with an oil filter as standard.

As the Craftsman 26 HP 52″ lawn mower is a zero turn model, it uses 2 lap bars instead of a steering wheel to control how much power each of the rear wheels receive as well as whether they move backwards or forwards. Thanks to the dual hydrostatic transmission, you are able to control each wheel independent of the other which is exactly what allows you to execute zero radius turns. As the rear wheels do all the driving and maneuvering as well as carry most of the mowers weight, they are much bigger, measuring 18×9.5 (18 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width) while the front wheels are much smaller, each measuring 11×4 (11 inch diameter, 4 inch width).

The mower deck on the this lawnmower has a cutting width of 52 inches. The cutting height of the deck is adjusted using an electric raising and lowering system which gives it an infinite number of cutting heights. The lowest that the deck cuts at is 1.5 inches, while the highest that it cuts at is 3.75 inches. Attached to the outer edge of mower deck is 4 small plastic anti scalping wheels which force the deck to follow the contours of the lawn you are mowing, thus preventing it from possibly cutting into your lawn and leaving behind ugly scars.

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