Craftsman 26 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower

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The Craftsman 26 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower is a 2 stage snowblower powered by a 4 stroke engine. This engine has a displacement of 0.21 liters. The engine has 2 different methods to start it. The first is the traditional way by using a mitten grip pull cord, recoil system to start it. But this can be a little strenuous, especially if you are a bit older. Luckily the other way to start this snowblower is a lot easier. You just need to use the push button electric starter. The only requirement for this is that you have the snow blower plugged in to the mains electricity.

The gear box in the Craftsman 26 Inch dual stage snow blower gives it 6 speeds when traveling forwards and 2 speeds for reversing. This Craftsman uses X Trac wheels, like many other brands of snowblower. These rubber wheels have a width on the ground of 0.13 m (5 inches) and a diameter of 0.38 m (15 inches). The clearing width of this snow thrower comes in at 0.66 m (26 inches) while it has an intake height of 0.53 m (21 inches). The steel auger housed inside the snow blower is heavily serrated and so it easily cuts up and pulverizes even the most compacted snow and ice. The auger has a diameter of 0.3 m (12 inches). Once the auger grinds up the snow into small chunks, the impeller in the center of the machine then further breaks these chunks up before sending them flying out through the chute.

The Craftsman 26 Inch Dual Stage snowblower is a very good quality snow thrower as it is powered by a great engine. One of the drawbacks that some people find though is that it unfortunately does not have headlights, so using this machine at dusk, night or in the early morning can be difficult.

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